Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Wife Material : An Article by Daniel Teinye Boyle

 There's an increase in the need for husbands as ladies are turning 40 daily,

Here are the 10 tips you must know towards being a "Wife-Material" (from a guys point of view).

I shall give you key pointers on how best to become a WIFE to your Never Proposing boyfriend....

1. TALK LESS:- Most ladies are chatter boxes and it could be fun at first, but you just have to have those senses to know when your man needs a break! Most ladies would even try to keep you awake just because she hasn't arrived at the apex of the very long story.
   I'd rather as a lady;you keep suspense and cut the story, enabling you and your spouse wake up quite earlier than usual, just to hear the concluding parts of the story.

2.OLIVIA TWIST:- It is good for Men to spend heavy on their women, I for one am a strong supporter of showing your wealth through the appearance of your woman But must you nag him out just because caroline's husband bought her a Range-Rover? NO!
  One funny thing is; Men are rewarders in nature and whatever your man gives you is either how best he values you or how best he can afford it. Simple!

Although some guys are stingier than others but trust me, it is in your place to do your part and not demand-demand-demand (of course unless he is giving you way lesser than he earns).

The only thing you should demand constantly is his .........., because that's the one thing he can give u 24/7 without going to look for it.

3. SUPPORT:- Support! That's what women globally do!, don't sit and watch him do it all, even if he's a billionaire, he would definitely need some meager cash A.S.A.P and that is where your self respect emerges.

Try to take up some responsibilities, especially when the relationship is getting serious and you now have access to his house, eg: pay the cable tv bills, fill the gas cylinders etc. These would make him double whatever kind of respect he has for you.

     Dress as you would be addressed, you want to be a wife? Be it! Don't go about looking the "Girl friend", be a Grown woman through your appearance, remember at this stage he isn't wooing you no more, so dress decently but still maintain a minimal level of sexiness (as guys never get tired of seeing sexy ladies). And always reinvent your self, never feel because your man loves you so much you would relax and forget to either make your hair or apply some lip gloss. Men are moved by what we see!

     Take away the "you" and replace with the "we"; eg; baby when are you going to get the new generator? That is wrong if you have plans to be in his life longer than you've ever lived, it should rather be "baby, when are WE going to get the new generator?". This makes a man feel indebted to you and shows to him that you do not plan on going anywhere anytime soon.

    This is traditionally the most important of all because you just have to deal with his family members regardless your likes or dislikes towards them, get to know them and make them accept you (without cheapening your self, remember he isn't doing you a favour by marrying you). Act civil with them and maintain your dignity and prestige still.

7.COOK! :-
    COOK his meals not ORDER Them! There's no much talk here, if you can't cook? Go back to mama! Because trust me, even if he prefers ordered meals, he would one day be insulted by his friends and family, that is when you would see the "Man" in him when he demands that you cook!

    The minute your man begins to beg for your presence and can't get enough of you, the "adamic-nature" takes over. Ladies be very careful, give that man some you!.

     Don't go asking for his phone's Pin-code et al, you might just find out more than you can handle, save yourself the stress and allow the nigga have some privacy, if he's with his friends and you sense he needs privacy, GIVE HIM! He's bonded with those brothers before you came into the scene, never make your husband look like a weakling in the presence of his friends and family, by making them feel you are in control.

10.PRAY FOR HIM:- The reason why you must pray for him is because you are also securing your future, if it gets better for him, it does so for you too.

Be his spiritual backbone and strength as women are known to be more prayerful than men.

Daniel Teinye Boyle

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