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My Name is Susan Amachree - Otoijamun,I am an IT Personnel and a Fashion junkie. I have a Bsc in Computer Science & Information System from Oxford Brookes University. I work as a Computer Analyst with an organisation in Abuja, Nigeria.
Because of my love and interest for fashion I decided  to start a Blog about the latest Fashion Trends, Celebrities, Fashionista(s) and of course my personal style!

I call myself  'A Working Blogger' (hehehehe).

When it comes to Fashion &. Style, there are  Two major  things I go by;

1. It's really not about what you wear but how you wear it, which brings me to my favourite Quote : 'Fashion is what you buy and Style is how you wear it'.

2. Wearing very expensive clothes doesn't automatically make you look good, the important thing is knowing what accentuates your best features and the best way to pair your outfits and then you are good to go!
Thank you so much for visiting my blog, your feedback & comments are really important and welcomed, KISSES***

Contact Details:
Instagram: @whowearswhatnwhere
Email: su4ril@gmail.com, whowearswhatnwhereinq@gmail.com
Twitter: @whowearswhatnwr

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