Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The DIVO's 10 Commandments : By Dharniel Boyle

Most of we guys now refer to ourselves as Divos; without knowing the ultimate 10 commandments that MUST qualify you to Divodom.
However if you do not know the meaning of a DIVO, well be my guest.
DIVO- Originally a name for a Male performer (see Diva) and usually the opposite of a Diva, however the debonair definition for a DIVO is a Male of noble sophistication and elite charisma.

The 10 Commandments are as follows:-

1. Thou shall not be Ugly and or  Dry-Chested

2. Thou shall not be broke as to not cater for thy simple basic bills e.g: flight tickets, wardrobe, car, mortgage etc

3. Thou shall be of great charm and charisma to appeal to the ladies and charm a room.

4. Thou shall speak a great deal of good english without traces of ones heritage.

5. Thou shall be at least known for something eg: a Footballer,Actor,Singer,Model etc.

6. Thou shall not update thy social network platforms with baseless and callous updates. E.g "Too Much Money", "Club Zero tins" etc

7. Thou shall not take CHEAP SELFIES! , thy Selfies should be "cultured" e.g: In your car, in your hotel room, on the first class cabinet of an airplane, yacht or bus.

8. Thou shall be a slave to designer wrist-watches, shoes, perfumes and suits.

9. Thou shall not be seen in places of lesser social standing.

10. Thou shall talk less and Listen more.

So fellas, just before you spread that banner over your head,Claiming to be a DIVO, make sure you pass these basic steps, And trust me! It is better you are referred to as one,than claim it.

Dharniel Boyle

CEO Beige Model Management.

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