Monday, 1 February 2016

Hello From the Other Side (lol)

Hello lovelies, wow! its been a min (lol) first of all  let me say a very happy new year to you all, hope we all had a fabulous weekend. 

I'm so so sorry I've been MIA for months, I have been so busy getting married (yippee) and with work I just didn't have the time to blog.
So I'm sharing a few pictures with y'all from all 3 events I had...For those of us that are not aware in Nigeria our marriages most times are in 3 parts ( Introduction, Traditional Marriage and the Church wedding) 

  Introduction; This is a formal meeting of both families where the man makes his intention to marry his fiance known to the families, then the lady's family will give them all that is required of them for the traditional marriage, if they think they can handle it then a date is fixed.
This is practically the same for most states in Nigeria although i'm from Rivers State (Kalabari).

Traditional Marriage: This is where the payment of bride price and all other traditional rites are carried (different states have different customs)

This is a Kalabari Traditional Marriage attire (Iria)

Edo meets Kalabari

White Wedding; This is the Typical church wedding, am sure we all know how this works.....

Outfit Details 
Groom's Suit : Jason Porshe
Church Wedding Dress : Steph Brials
Reception Dress: Tangerine Label 

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