Thursday, 2 April 2015


Hello lovelies, hope we are all doing great?  whowearswhatnwhere's blog was 1 (one) a few weeks ago and my birthday is in a few days so I just want to give something away to say a big Thank You! to every one of you, there will be no Blog if there was nobody visiting the blog. 

Its been a great year, and the recent  nomination in the category of "Best Fashion/Personal Style Blog" for the 2014 Nigeris Blog Award just put the icing on the cake. Its really a good feeling to be recognised and commended at being one of the best at what you do and that was only made possible by your votes and nominations.

Although its been a great year trust me it hasn't been an easy one. Blogging sure isn't a piece of cake especially when you are a Blogger with a 9 - 5 (a working-blogger like I call but when I see the no of visits to the blog it encourages me a lot, so Thank You

If I could afford to give something to every single person I would but I can't, so this Giveaway will go to just 1 person and here is how you get to win a 'Brand New, New-Look Monochrome Bag'

1. Join all our social media platforms (Facebook, Ttwitter, Instagram)
2. Drop a comment on the Giveaway post on all our platforms (Facebook, Ttwitter, Instagram)
3. Repost the Giveaway post on your profile on Instagram and mention @whowearswhatnwhere 
4. The post with the most likes by my Birthday (7th April 2015) wins.

**Please be aware that you will have to send me a picture of you with the bag (at most 2 days after you        receive it) which will be up on the Blog.

**Am sorry but I can only conveniently send to people in Nigeria - Abuja,  Lagos or Port-Harcourt specifically.

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