Friday, 27 March 2015

Fashionista Feature Friday : Ilamina Ezekiel-Hart Atako

Hello lovelies hope we all are having a fun and successful week so far, I have had a very slow week, I guess it's because of the forth coming elections.
Hmmmm, am sure some of us will say today's Fashionista Feature Friday (FFF) is kinda unusual lol..well that is Ilamina for you she just loves to stand out, oh! yes I know her personally, she is supposed to be my bestie but she has too many of us (heheheheh)  

She just got married a few months ago an she did the Bonny Iria  ceremony, ( Bonny is a town in Rivers-state in Nigeria) its a ceremony you do to enable you tie 2 wrappers, if you don't do it you can only tie 1 wrapper (as you can see in some of the photos she took before the ceremony) I hear after the ceremony you get to dress like this for a year 

She says she really loves the Nigerian native attire but she is an all rounder when it comes to fashion and you certainly will see more of her

Instagram : @ilaminahart
Like her style???

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         Have a Lovely Weekend Beautiful People, Vote  your Conscience, Be Safe & Stay Fab xoxo

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