Sunday, 4 May 2014

Men's Fashion Tip: 5 Must haves for a Fashion forward Gentleman

Hello guys; there are many items you must have in your closet, but here are the TOP 5 things every Man should have in his closet......

The FBB has not only become a signature look but also a second skin! The FBB would take you to work and bring you down to the Club and party. The FBB must be well tailored and in good shape,
Trust me; owning one saves your pocket.

We cannot over emphasise the usefulness of owning a designer wristwatch, whether chain,leather or rubber, it is key to own one or an array. The legendary determinant of a Man's Class is what kinds of wristwatch he possesses. So blokes; invest on a very good n classy designer wristwatch because the time machine has gone beyond telling what the time is; it has also gone to tell what time of the century you are in.

They say "dress the way you want to be addressed" but these days its "smell the way you want to be perceived". With a Good cologne, you do not speak your arrival, your presence can be smelt from afar. A designer perfume doesn't only make you smell good, but makes you blush each time you have to tell what brand of fragrance you are wearing. And another quickie "Ladies get attracted quickly to how you smell than how you look.

Denims are a must have and the Blue jean is not at all a compromise. Owning one good blue jean is a tricky way to getting your casual look almost set!, with a blue jean you need not worry over what to wear for casual events, throw in a T-shirt and you are good to run. Preferably a slim and fitting blue jean is the answer to every man's comfort needs.

The black dress shoe is as important as a man's future; without them you feel terrible because there are a lot of events that require you wearing them and you do not want to keep borrowing. So whether its vintage or modern, shop for at least a good black dress shoe with cork-heels, keep it polished always and see how your boss or pastor comments about it almost every time.

So Guys if you are missing any of this items, try to get it/them.

Written by;
Daniel Teinye Boyle
(Fashion stylist & Designer)
Creative Director: OpuBila
CEO Beige Model Management
CEO/Founder "JacobBYDaniel

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