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Men's Fashion Tip : Colour Me Handsome (PRINTS) By DANIEL TEINYE BOYLE

Hello Brothers,
Do you all remember those days when our wardrobes were filled with dark and gloomy colours? 

Do you recall how the world looked at a Man dressed in bright colours?
Do you remember when the ladies sat at front seats on Style's train?
Do you remember how expressing your self as a male fashionista was seen as weird and very predictable?.......

Gentlemen, the Good News is that all of that has changed. Men are now seen in brightly coloured patterns the world over and the African Man is no outcast to this.
Male Designers both locally and internationally are bringing out collections with a more brighter hue and I tell you, the world has never been more fun!
In this article I shall narrow it all down to the rave of the moment! "PRINTS"; which have gainfully replaced the stereotyped and very predictive Polka-dot,stripe and checkered fabrics.
Here are a few tips and tricks to COLOUR YOU HANDSOME (Print's style) and still be seated at Style's Safe Side!


We all know how important it is to have the FBB(fitted black blazer) as a man, but I tell you what? A print blazer is another must-have!.
Whether it is ankara or any other print fabric, it is a fun piece to keep at hand. You can rock the P.B perfectly by noting this few tricks,
*Select a Lead Colour (any of the colours from the print)
*if your lead colour is a dark colour, use the same colour of pants*
*if your lead colour is a bright colour, tone it down with a tertiary masculine colour (that obeys)*
*Introduce a different colour entirely for your inner shirt*
*Your shoes must be a contrasting colour from the lead colour, but I suggest a dark colour so that your stocking can rather be the brightly-coloured*
For example, I have a P.B with grey,maroon and green, I'd make maroon my lead colour and wear a maroon pant, a baby pink inner shirt, a pair of grey shoes and coloured stockings (that reflects on the P.B's colours)


When Rocking the Print pants, you should have in mind that your shirt or blazer must be a tertiary colour, that is to tone the pant down and give it a more "Manly feel"; this trend is a bit tricky to pull because a little mistake and you will get it all wrong, so I'd advice you to stick to a black or white shirt if your pant has more than one primary colour and stick to a bright coloured shirt if the P.P has tertiary colours. You do not want to look like a clown *holds laugh*
For example, a triple-toned pant should be worn with a black shirt and if yes, a grey or beige blazer.
Please Note;  with the Print Pants, Less is more!


The Print shirt is the most common of them all because it is more seen to be "comfortable" by many men, Men these days are rocking bright and elaborate print pattern pieces and the ladies are loving it on their men.
Print shirts can go from informal to formal and semi-formal, party to church and club to cinemas.
When rocking a Print shirt the shoes are the accessories that must harmonise the get-up look.
For example, a print shirt with green theme would definitely seat on a carton or coffee brown pant, the shoe can now be from white to grey(any colour in that hue).


 Now there is no limit to what the print accessory can do, from a print murse (man-purse) to a print tablet cover, Print belt and scarf, you won't be wrong to throw all these in any ensemble that has a dark or gloomy theme,
E.g:- For me especially, I would just go on an evening stroll with a grey or black V-neck t-shirt, blue jeans,a pair of brown loafer , a cool fedora . Holding my tablet in its brightly patterned Print case.

The PRINT era has abolished the age old "TO MATCH" theory, it has introduced the "TO MIX" genre.

Whatever PRINT you are rocking, be sure to wear the most important accessory which is CONFIDENCE!, because with rocking the prints, I'd say "Too much is never enough". Good luck Guys, Go into the world and COLOUR YOU HANDSOME!

(All Models seen here are Models from Beige Model Management)

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